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  • 5 Top Tips for booking a hotel on a Budget

    Sleeperz Hotels in The Guardian

    Everybody wants value for money these days and quite a lot of people are living on a tight budget, whether that’s for the weekly supermarket shop, buying a new dishwasher or booking a hotel.

    In fact, booking a hotel has to be one of the hardest things to do on a budget.

    There are so many websites promising last minute hotel deals, vouchers for cheap holidays, buy two nights and get a third free, and many other forms of cheap hotel breaks and discounts on hotel stays.

    Here at Sleeperz Hotels, we are passionate about providing a contemporary urban living experience in a city centre environment at affordable rates – without sacrificing the style.

    We have hotels in Cardiff, Newcastle and Edinburgh and travel on a budget is something we know a lot about.

    Here are our tips for choosing the best hotel for your budget

    1. Hotels are easy to research
    If the deal looks too good to be true then turn to people who are the most likely to give you an independent and objective review of the hotel – the travel media – and hotel guests themselves.

    Use Google or another search engine to find out if the hotel has been reviewed by any quality media, by that we mean a national newspaper or prominent regional newspaper. Have they been included in any impressive round ups, write-ups or won any significant awards from publications.

    Our Edinburgh Hotel, Cityroomz Edinburgh, was included in the Top-20 UK Hotels under £100 by Sally Shalam, hotel reviewer for The Guardian – and Sally knows more than a thing or two about hotels.

    Read articles like this to see what the experts say about a hotel. Here’s a link to Sally’s article featuring Cityroomz Edinburgh.

    Sleeperz Hotels in The Guardian

    Cityroomz Edinburgh was featured in The Guardian’s Top-20 UK Hotels under £100

    2. Turn to TripAdvisor for hotel reviews
    TripAdvisor is the world’s biggest and most popular website for the public to review hotels, restaurants, holidays and accommodation of any sort. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s good and with an open mind you can rely on the ratings and reviews to give you a great indication of what to expect in a hotel.

    Any good hotel will enable you to find reviews about it on TripAdvisor by hosting a widget or link to the site on its own webpages. Sleeperz has the TripAdvisor logo and a link to reviews on our homepage,

    TripAdvisor website

    You have to be subjective and account for the fact that everyone has different tastes, but look out for things like TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence – which means a hotel is in the top 10% of all hotels reviewed on the site for favourable and positive guest reviews.

    Both Sleeperz Cardiff and Sleeperz Newcastle have TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence.

    3. Look for several awards from recognised industry brands

    If a hotel has won a series of awards from several different bodies, media or industry panels then you can be fairly sure you can expect a high quality stay. Sleeperz Newcastle has won awards from RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects),, and welcomed over 34,000 guests in its first 12 months.

    If a hotel is constantly advertising cut price rates – you have to ask why – it’s probably never full, and for good reason, and that’s why it’s trying to attract customers on a cheap high volume basis. It’s not likely they’ll ever stay again though.

    4. Stable prices are a good sign

    Instead look for properties that have fairly stable rates and good reviews – but which still represent great value for money. If the price is holding up well then the hotel is in demand and that’s a good sign.

    5.Take advantage of seasonality & added value offers

    UK cities demand varies dramatically over the summer months, many cities show a reduction in business travel which frees up rooms for leisure travellers.  This gives hoteliers the opportunity to offer added value features such as free breakfast (which can save you pretty penny) meaning you can splash out on a posh dinner instead.  Check out our free breakfast offer on

    So, to find the best hotel for your budget, use the internet to do your research, weigh up the reviews from media and the public and look for stable pricing and value for money.

    Good luck and happy hotel hunting!!

  • Thrifty Travel Guide: How to travel in style on a budget

    How to travel in style on a budget

    At Sleeperz Hotels we are all about helping people travel and stay in style for less.

    A weekend away with friends or a romantic city break with your other half doesn’t have to cost the earth.

    Nor does it mean you have to give up the little luxuries or treats that make you happy.

    We’ve compiled a handy Thrifty Traveller’s guide to help you make your money go further without sacrificing the big ‘S’ – style.

    How to travel in style on a budget

    Save the pennies and the pounds add up

    Cool UK city breaks for less

    Our hotels in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Newcastle are all design-led premium budget hotels with contemporary stylish rooms smack bang in these happening city centres.

    Our rooms start from £49 a night and come with lots of great extras you don’t expect in a cheap hotel – flat screen tv’s, free and fast wi-fi, tea and coffee making facilities, wet rooms in Newcastle and laptop safes.

    Cityroomz Edinburgh bedroom

    The newest budget hotel in Edinburgh – Cityroomz Edinburgh

    Here are our top tips for traveling in style on a budget

    Hurray for Happy Hour
    These days nearly all but the most exclusive or expensive of restaurants run Happy Hour promotions during the week, offering discounts on selected dishes from their menus between say 5pm and 7pm. Why pay £10 for a pizza at 7.30pm when you can enjoy it for £4.50 only an hour earlier.

    Viva la Vouchers
    The rise of online voucher deals provides lots of opportunity to search for deals on eating out, entry to visitor attractions and even spa treatments. Try joining the likes of Groupon, Living Social and Wowcher before you travel and see if you can get savings of more than 50% on dinner at a restaurant or tickets to a comedy club.

    Think ahead for top tickets
    The best way to find cheap travel to cities like Cardiff, Newcastle and Edinburgh is by looking for advance ticket purchase deals on trains.

    Tickets are almost always cheapest when they are first released, and if you book up months in advance you are bound to make great savings, sometimes as much as 50%.

    Train companies also run special offers, and so it’s worth checking on websites like or Transpennine Trains from time to time.

    You can make your trip stylish by taking a posh picnic on the train with champagne or wine and fine food to help you enjoy the journey.

    Let the deal come to you
    Sometimes you don’t even have to look for a good deal, you can let them come to you. If you sign up for Sleeperz Hotels mailing list you’ll receive a handful of emails a year with great offers, like the Summer City Breaks for £55 in Cardiff and Newcastle, which we are currently running.

    Best things in life are free
    It’s a well worn phrase but it’s true. Every major city throws big events and festivals that are often free to enter, a good example is Cardiff Festival which is full of free events like Cardiff Multi-cultural Mela and its International Food and Drink Festival in Cardiff Bay, not far from Sleeperz Hotels Cardiff.

    Street performers at Edinburgh Festival

    There are always free events to attend in major cities

    There are so many free things to do in Newcastle we created a guide to the free and family friendly attractions in the city, check it out here.

    Get wise with local transport
    Taking a taxi can be pricey but using public transport can be cheap and easy, especially in compact cities like Cardiff, Edinburgh and Newcastle where Sleeperz operates budget hotels. In Newcastle you can zip around on the Tyne and Wear Metro and be in stylish places like coastal Tynemouth or Jesmond within minutes, and Edinburgh is soon to finish a new tram system that will be a cool way of getting about.

    Loyalty equals £££££
    There are bags of ways to save money by being loyal to a certain brand or bank. For example, Tesco credit card holders earn Clubcard points which they can then spend in store or on partner products, including rail tickets and short breaks. If you buy everything in advance and pay the card off every month your loyalty will earn you extra money and treats just for being savvy.

    Enjoy your travelling, be stylish, be thrifty!!

  • Top-5 Things to do in Edinburgh

    Street performers at Edinburgh Festival

    Edinburgh is always voted in the UK’s Top-10 cities to visit by readers of influential media like The Guardian newspaper or by travel review websites like TripAdvisor.

    To help you enjoy your stay at Cityroomz Edinburgh, our hotel manager Dani Downs – born and bred in the “burgh” – has picked out her Top-5 things to do in Edinburgh.

    1.      Feel the festival vibe

    August is “festival” time in Edinburgh. A cultural explosion takes over the city and is known simply as ‘the Festival.’ It’s not one festival though, it’s made up of lots of different events and festivals.

    Edinburgh has festivals for film, books, jazz, politics, and the world famous Edinburgh Fringe, which went solo in 1998 and starts one week earlier is a completely different kettle of fish, packed with comedy, performance arts and street theatre.

    Edinburgh Festival is a great time to visit the Scottish Capital

    The Festival is made up of lots of smaller events and festivals in Edinburgh

    You can plan your schedule using the Edinburgh Festivals website, look out for the June release of the festival brochure or get a copy of The List

    2. Take cover at 1pm

    There’s one attraction you won’t be able to miss when wandering around Edinburgh’s streets, especially Prince’s Street – close to Cityroomz Edinburgh – and that’s Edinburgh Castle.

    This imposing fortress sits on a hilltop high above the city at the end of the Royal Mile. Over the centuries it’s been home to Scottish royalty, the site of an Iron Age Fort and in the late 1600’s was turned into a military base, garrison and gaol.

    At 1pm daily (except Sundays) a field gun fires a burst of shellfire, so be careful you’re not sipping a hot coffee on Prince’s Street when it goes off.

    Edinburgh Castle tourist attraction

    Listen for the guns at 1pm and admire Scotland’s most famous tourist attraction

    Take a pew at the memorial bench commemorating the late Tam the Gun, who fired the piece for 27 years.

    It’s now Scotland’s leading tourist attraction and a major part of the Edinburgh World Heritage Site.

    You can walk to Edinburgh Castle in less than 15 mins from Shandwick Place and Cityroomz Edinburgh, but be warned it’s all uphill.

    3. Discover Edinburgh’s dark side

    If you like to be scared, you’ll love the ghoulish and ghastly walking tours that take visitors around the supposedly haunted sites of Edinburgh’s old town.

    The streets, and adjoining alleys called ‘wynds’ and ‘closes,’ are windy, cobbled, windswept and hilly and walking them after dark is not for the faint hearted.

    It’s best to go with one of the many tour companies that specialise in ghost walks, like City of the Dead Tours or Auld Reekie Tours.

    ghost walks in Edinburgh

    Explore the dark side of Edinburgh on a guided ghost walk or underground tour

    There are some tours which take you underground like the one which takes you beneath the Royal Mile to see Mary King’s Close, a warren of 17th century streets which were closed off due to a plague outbreak.

    4. Yomp up a Volcano

    Believe it or not, Edinburgh has an extinct volcano in the city and you reach it by yomping up to Arthur’s Seat, the tallest of Edinburgh’s seven hills.

    If you are planning on eating a lot of Haggis, lorne sausage, bridies (Scottish pasties), stovies and drinking Irn-Bru, then this will be a good calorie burning workout for you.

    Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

    A walk well worth the exertion – Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

    While you’re there, visit Our Dynamic Earth, which has all the information on how this unusual rock formation was formed, as well as a scientific exhibition on the history of planet earth.

    5. Wile away the hours with a Whisky

    You can’t visit Scotland and not try the national drink. Edinburgh is awash with Whisky and it’s a great idea to take a liquid tour to familiarise yourself with the amber nectar and help you sort out your blends from your malts.

    The Scotch Whisky Experience at 354 Castlehill is a good place to start and will take you through a replica distillery and show you how whisky changed from a tiny cottage industry into a global export success story.

    The Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh

    The Golden Elixir – Whisky – Scotland’s national drink

    There are some superb places to buy premium Scotch Whisky, including Royal Mile Whiskies, Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop, Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, or Whiski Bar and Restaurant, also on the Royal Mile.

    This little gem of a place was awarded Whisky Bar of the Year 2011/12 at the Dram Awards.

    It has over 300 whiskies and live Scottish music seven nights a week.


  • Sleeperz offers Edinburgh hotel breaks on a budget

    Cityroomz Edinburgh bedroom

    Finding an affordable hotel right in the heart of Edinburgh city centre is about to get a whole lot easier.

    About eight months ago the Sleeperz team heard about a city centre hotel in Edinburgh that was closing its doors.

    Amazingly, the hotel was just off Prince’s Street – in Shandwick Place – right in the city centre and about 10 minutes walk from Edinburgh Waverley Station and the Haymarket station

    Makeover for Edinburgh budget hotel
    It was too good an opportunity to pass over and so we took over the building, a former Travelodge, and set about giving it a Sleeperz Hotels makeover.

    It won’t be called Sleeperz Hotel Edinburgh. Why?

    Well, we aren’t creating a striking and beautiful building from scratch – which is a Sleeperz hallmark – we are transforming an existing hotel into stylish, comfortable and convenient budget accommodation.

    A new kind of budget hotel
    We had another idea – why not launch a brand-new rooms-based sister brand?

    We had a think about all of the great value hotels (some might even say cheap hotels) and budget brands and came up with Cityroomz, a new form of comfortable and conveniently located accommodation at great value prices.

    There are 72 rooms in the building we’ve bought and we have already gone to work turning it into something special.

    In fact, we’ve completed our master room already and here’s what you can expect when you stay at CityRoomz Edinburgh.

    Cityroomz Edinburgh bedrooms

    Convenience, comfort, great value prices and excellent facilities at the new Cityroomz Edinburgh

    Bespoke beds and pillows for hotel guests
    What you can’t see in the photo is that we ordered the mattresses to be custom made for CityRoomz and we have invested in the finest microfiber pillows.

    Plus, how many other budget hotels have a safe in the room big enough for a laptop, free wi-fi and tea and coffee making facilities?

    Tea and coffee making facilities at Cityroomz Edinburgh

    Free tea and coffee in all Cityroomz Edinburgh

    There’s a whole host of free TV channels to watch on a flat screen and like Sleeperz Hotels, CityRoomz will be bright, cheerful and welcoming.

    Best city break in the UK

    Edinburgh has always been thought of as one of the best city breaks in the UK and Sleeperz is so excited to be opening up a hotel right in the Scottish capital.

    It’s a place of history and culture, famous for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Military Tattoo, and watched over by the impressive Edinburgh Castle.

    Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle – one of Scotland’s must-see tourist attractions

    One of the best times of year to visit Edinburgh is New Year or Hogmanay, as the locals call it, when Prince’s Street is packed with crowds watching one of the biggest fireworks displays anywhere in the world.

    We are set to open our new hotel in early May 2013 and you can find out more at

    Cityroomz Hotel Edinburgh will operate 72 rooms and offer a fresh continental breakfast (£4.95) with rates starting at £49 per night, including free and fast wi-fi. 

  • Top-Five tourist attractions in Cardiff

    Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay

    Cardiff is the capital of Wales and while its history is one of castles, coal and conflict, today’s city is a modern cosmopolitan place visited by lovers of sports, arts, entertainment and shopping.

    There are so many things to see and do in Cardiff during a city break or short hotel stay.

    To make it easier for our hotel guests to enjoy their time in Cardiff, we’ve come up with our top five tourist attractions in the city.

    1.Cool Castles
    Cardiff has a greater concentration of castles than any other city in the world.

    The Romans were the first occupiers to build a fort on the site of modern day Cardiff Castle, marking the start of 2000 years of history – spanning the Norman Conquest through to Victorian Britain – at one of Wales’ most inspiring historical monuments.

    Cardiff Castle

    Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ most important historical monuments

    It’s just a five minute walk from Sleeperz Cardiff to the Castle. It opens at 9am and closes at 6pm in high season (Mar – Oct) and 5pm in the low season (Nov-Feb). Adult tickets are £11 and children aged 5-16 visit for £8.50.

    Other excellent Cardiff Castles include St Fagan’s, home of the Welsh National History Museum and Castell Coch – known as the Red Castle – a modern bi-product of a Victorian imagination and funded by a wealthy aristocrat. Caerphilly Castle is a short drive out of the city but is Britain’s second largest castle and an impressive monument to medieval architecture.

    2. Sensational Sports

    Cardiff is one of the best places in the UK to watch and take part in sports. You can see world class international rugby at Millennium Stadium, see the Bluebirds of Cardiff City F.C and watch Cardiff Blues Rugby team in the domestic league.

    Cardiff Arms Park Rugby ground

    Cardiff is a great place to watch world class sport – like here at Cardiff Arms Park

    If you love adrenaline and water you’ll want to visit the world class water sports facilities at Cardiff Bay, where you will find Cardiff International White Water and its incredible rapids – great for canoeing and white water rafting.

    3. Stylish Shopping
    Cardiff is the 6th best city in the UK for shopping and some of the best shops in Cardiff are less than 800m from Sleeperz Hotel, including Spiller’s Records – the world’s oldest record shop.

    Spiller's Records Cardiff

    The oldest record shop in the World – Spiller’s Cardiff

    Nearby are the Edwardian and Victorian Arcades, Cardiff Indoor Market and the ultra-modern St David’s Shopping Centre which carries the latest and best high street brands.

    shop in Cardiff's Victorian and Edwardian Arcades

    The Victorian and Edwardian arcades in Cardiff are great places to wander and pass the time!

    4. Top TV Locations

    Cardiff is a major media city and lots of BBC dramas are filmed in the city, including Torchwood, Doctor Who and Casualty.

    Location for BBC TV show Torchwood

    One of the quirkier locations for shooting Torchwood in Cardiff Bay

    You can visit many of the film set locations in the city, either as part of a Dr Who Cardiff Bus Tour or on the 2-hour walking tour which take you to sites including the National History Museum, Llandaff and Penarth.

    Don’t miss the BBC’s own tourist attraction The Dr. Who Experience featuring countless props, costumes and sets from the cult programme.

    If Sc-Fi is not your thing, you can also go on the Gavin and Stacey coach Tour on Barry Island, packed with locations from the sit-com written by James Corden (a.k.a Smithy).

    5. Beautiful and Tall Buildings

    The world’s first ever £1m deal was struck at the Cardiff Coal Exchange in 1907 and the building still stands today as an iconic music and entertainment venue.

    In Cardiff Bay, the birthplace of Welsh songstress Dame Shirley Bassey you will find the stunning Wales Millennium Centre – Wales’ number one tourist attraction. It is a contemporary arts centre and concert hall and a truly iconic piece of architecture.

    Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay

    Welsh arts and culture has an iconic home in Cardiff

    Back stage guided tours run daily for £5.50 and there are a host of great restaurants, bars, cafes and stage shows to choose from. Just a short walk from the WMC you will find the Norwegian Church – where world famous children’s books author Roald Dahl was baptised. Today it serves as a modern day arts centre.

    Norwegian Church Cardiff

    Roald Dahl was baptised in the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay

    Cardiff has the greatest number of tall buildings of any city in the UK. Currently its three tallest buildings are Millennium Stadium (400 feet), Stadium House (300 feet) and the Capital Tower (262 feet).

    So, there you have it – a fascinating mixture of culture, history, innovation and natural beauty coming together in one proud Welsh city. It couldn’t be easier to visit Cardiff’s top-five tourist attractions when staying at Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff.

    We are a short stroll from the rail station, next door to Millennium Stadium and right in the heart of the city centre.

    Book today and don’t forget to like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at:


  • How a disused parcel works became a work of art

    You can’t switch on the TV these days without watching a makeover show.

    Teams of experts transforming old barns, historic farmhouses and ramshackle castles into dream homes.

    We have a makeover story of our own.

    Instead of just one happy owner, thousands of people every year now have the opportunity to enjoy the special hotel we’ve created on a site of a disused and derelict parcel works in Newcastle city centre.

    More than seven years ago we learned about a ramshackle old works site alongside the East Coast Edinburgh to London mainline in the centre of a conservation district in the Geordie capital.

    Disused industrial parcel works on the site of today's Sleeperz Newcastle

    From disused parcel works to a RIBA award winning hotel in the heart of Newcastle


    Awkward and Unusual Space
    The space was awkward and unusual and butted onto the end of a series of original railway arches.

    You wouldn’t have looked at it and thought it could be transformed into a curved and gleaming award-winning building.

    Or, that it would offer stylish contemporary hotel rooms less than two minutes from Newcastle City Centre.

    Working with Clash Architects, the team behind our first design-led budget hotel in Cardiff, we set out to bring our passion for spaces and places to the North East of England.

    We won an award, from RIBA no less, the Royal Institute of British Architects; for architectural excellence.

    View of Sleeperz Hotels Newcastle - iconic building

    We didn’t scrimp on anything.

    • Wet room pods built by the same engineers and craftspeople who used to make Bentley’s
    • Showers by Grohe
    • Sinks by Villeroy & Boch
    • Floating shelving
    • Free hanging wardrobes that are fashionable, minimalist and functional

    Well, our Newcastle Hotel is 1-year-old and we are throwing a party this week to celebrate as well as opening our first-ever art gallery space inside a hotel.

    Art in the Arch@Sleeperz is a free exhibition of light-based art and urban city-scape photography.

    It has been installed in a passageway beneath an original railway arch and is open to the public and hotel guests.


    Art in the Arch@Sleeperz - exhibition of light based art in Newcastle

    Mick Stephenson’s art work shares Sleeperz’s passion for industry, design, architecture and building


    We have a passion for spaces and places and for art, architecture and design and so we decided to invite North East artists who share that passion to fill this space and share art with our guests.

    Art in the Arch@Sleeperz is being curated by Carlo Viglianisi and Nick Maylan of Empty Shop, an independent not-for-profit arts organisation, based in Durham.

    Empty Shop regenerates empty and disused spaces, turning them into art studios and holds events, exhibitions and workshops.

    There is also a photo-essay curated by architectural photographer Steve Mayes telling the story of how Sleeperz Newcastle was built in pictures.

    Light artist Mick Stephenson is also exhibiting light-based sculptures inspired by building, architecture and design.

    Mick Stephenson's Art in the Arch@Sleeperz exhibition

    Wooden figures interact with light in this art work suspended from the walls high above the hotel restaurant

    Mick spent 20 years as a sound and lighting technician in the music business and 15 years working in construction. His Fusion installation featured 4,000 pieces of everyday materials lit with LED lighting, and was commissioned for Lumiere 2011 – Durham’s bi-annual winter festival of light.

    Get this, it costs less to light this entire exhibition than it does to boil a kettle.

    If you share our passion for spaces and places stop by Art in the Arch@Sleeperz. Exhibition opens from Thursday February 21st and runs until May 21st 2013.



  • Newcastle Guffaw Guide – Super-Six Comedy Clubs in Newcastle

    Newcastle is a top city for comedy clubs

    January has to be the most depressing month of the year.

    Christmas over, all spent up, waiting for pay day and nothing to watch on TV except weight loss and bake-off programmes.

    Add to that freezing weather and dark nights and it’s fair to say you need something fun to lift your spirits.

    Geordies love a good laugh and so it’s no surprise the city is full of comedy clubs and pubs holding open mic events.

    The staff at our Newcastle city centre Hotel have recommended their Super-Six comedy clubs in Newcastle, so if you are staying in Toon get your laughing boots on and gan canny!

    1. The Stand Comedy Club – Newcastle’s newest comedy club
    2. The Hyena Café – one of the city’s longstanding venues for mirth slap bang in the city centre
    3. The Grinning Idiot Comedy Club – with venues across the North East, the Grinning Idiot is guaranteed to deliver a laugh
    4. The Suggestibles – brilliant improvisational comedy troupe that gig at venues around Newcastle, check their website for a gig diary.
    5. Live Stand Up – Newcastle’s Live Theatre regularly hosts stand up nights with top class North East comedians.
    6. The Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre – regularly hosts big name comics like North East favourite Sarah Millican and American comic Reginald D Hunter.

    If you have any recommendations for great comedy clubs in Newcastle, we’d like to hear them. You can post them in the reply box below or on our Facebook at

  • 10 reasons to wake up in a city centre hotel over the Holidays

    Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff

    There’s no doubt about it, the festive holidays is party time, when most of us get together with family and friends, eat, drink and make merry.

    It’s great fun but preparing a Christmas dinner, zipping from festive bash to family shindig, and eating lots of naughty treats can be exhausting and leave your batteries in need of a recharge.

    Fitting in a budget city centre hotel break over the festive period can be just the tonic for holiday hangovers and bulging waist lines.

    Here are Sleeperz Hotels 10-reasons to wake up in a city centre hotel over the holidays.

    1. You can go to bed at 9pm and turn off your mobile phone and catch up on all the sleep you lost this year
    2. You can lie in for as long as you want
    3. You can be first to the post-Christmas sales if you stay in the centre of Newcastle or Cardiff
    4. There’s no washing up – at all
    5. A great big cooked breakfast with sausages, bacon and eggs is one of the best cures for a hangover
    6. You don’t have to miss out on a festive tipple, city centre breaks mean you can walk everywhere
    7. You can hole up in your room and catch up with TV programs you’ve missed.
    8. You only have to watch re-runs of James Bond and Wallace and Grommit if you really want to
    9. There’s no getting caught by your next door neighbour and dragged in for a sherry and a mince pie
    10. You can switch off and have quiet time without having to play Trivial Pursuit, Charades or Give us a clue

    If staying in hotel and recharging your batteries over the holidays sounds like a good idea, Sleeperz Hotels offer great value festive city breaks in Newcastle and Cardiff just minutes from both Central stations, with room, breakfast and free wi-fi starting from £45 per night.

    Check out our latest accommodation offers in Cardiff and Newcastle

  • Five money-saving tips for throwing the office Christmas party


    Living in the so-called age of austerity hasn’t been good for the annual office Christmas party, with many bosses cancelling them altogether or setting a scrooge-like limit of £10 per person.

    The thing is, the office Christmas party has come to represent a pat on the back for employees – a reward for all their hard work and perseverance even though pay rises and bonuses are rare these days.

    Some companies worry about how it will look to the outside world and their competitors if they throw a big festive bash at a time when people are struggling.

    There is a way for the boss to have his Christmas cake and eat it.

    Javeed Anwar of Sleeperz Hotels, a fast growing budget hotel business specialising in stylish stays for smaller spends, has come up with five money-saving tips for bosses booking the Christmas bash.

    Bubbles that won’t break the bank
    In years gone by, you might have expected Champagne to flow at the work Christmas party when bonus time arrived and staff were laughing all the way to the bank.

    You can still put the fizz in your festive bash and save money without scrimping on style. A high quality Prosecco looks and tastes just as good as Champagne for a third of the price.

    Finger Food beats Fine Dining
    Sitting down for a three course dinner at a posh hotel or restaurant is all well and good but it’s formal, frumpy and pricey, with an average cost per head of between £30 and £50.

    Party food is called that for a reason – because it doesn’t stop the party.

    So why not go for a finger-buffet of cool canapés and quirky hors d’oeuvres, such as sliders (mini-burgers), fish and chip cones, zingy chicken kebabs, dim sum and profiteroles for pud.

    This way, the food is great, and you are still free to network and mingle rather than being stuck in a seat next to the office bore.

    Deafening Disco vs Chilled Out Lounge vibe
    Keeping the whole workforce happy at a Christmas night out is virtually impossible, some love to boogie on the dance floor, others like to cower in the corner.

    Rather than being deafened by an amateur disc jockey that cost you an arm and a leg, hold your party at a venue that can supply music as part of the package.

    We like to use the airy open bar and dining spaces at our hotels in Cardiff and Newcastle to create a laid-back lounge vibe. We find our guests love to relax to a soundtrack of contemporary chill-out music, soul, jazz and funk.

    Bar Prices that won’t bankrupt you
    Christmas is expensive full stop. The last thing you need at the office Christmas party is a bar bill that has you running to the nearest pay-day lender.

    Buying wine by the bottle for groups of colleagues or teams is a great way to save. Rather than pay £5 per glass, buy a bottle for £12 and share out the four glasses. That’s £2 per person per glass you are saving.

    Obviously you need a lot of wine lovers for this to work, but another way to save is to choose a venue that doesn’t charge premium prices for drinks, such as five star hotels or high class restaurants. They may impress people on arrival but your staff won’t be smiling when the barman delivers the bad news.

    Our money-saving tip – seek out a stylish venue with sensible prices.

    Set up a Car or Taxi-Pool
    Ordering a cab to get you home after a boozy office Christmas party can be expensive. In the days leading up to the party we suggest finding out how many people are going to be DD (designated drivers), or non-drinkers, and see if they are willing to provide lifts to people who live in their areas. If nobody is driving then find out who lives nearest each other and order a shared taxi home, splitting the cost between three or four people.


    Sleeperz Hotels operates stylish premium budget hotels in Cardiff and Newcastle, close to mainline rail stations, with a big focus on interior design and excellent architecture.

    It uses its open plan dining areas, lounges and bars to cater for groups of up to 80 people and intimate private rooms for groups of 20 or less.Its finger-food buffets start from £13.95 a head, Italian Prosecco from £17.95 per bottle and Chilean wines from £12.95 a bottle.

    For more about how Sleeperz Hotels run events and functions: click here

  • Newcastle hotel wins RIBA award for architectural excellence

    Sleeperz Hotel Newcastle - design led premium budget hotel

    Reinvention of classic Railway Hotel recognised by Royal Institute of British Architects

    (Newcastle, June 21 – 2012) A landmark city centre hotel in Newcastle is celebrating after winning a prestigious award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.
    Sleeperz Newcastle – the 98-bedroom premium budget hotel near Newcastle Central Station – was recognised by judges for architectural excellence at the RIBA Hadrian Awards in Leeds last night.
    The award means the hotel joins a list of elite buildings in the UK that RIBA recognise as having achieved the highest architectural standards and which make a substantial contribution to the local environment.

    The sleek glass fronted hotel opened in January and was built in a heritage conservation area on the site of a derelict former Parcel Works on Westgate Road.
    This is the second time RIBA has recognised Sleeperz Hotels for the quality and appearance of its hotel build and design.
    In 2010, its Cardiff hotel won the RIBA Wales Award.

    David Myers, chief executive of Sleeperz Hotels, said: “We believe in acquiring land that is unusual and extraordinary in shape and transforming it into stylish landmark city centre hotels offering every modern convenience and comfort at affordable rates to leisure and business travellers.
    To win two RIBA Awards for our first two properties is a monumental achievement and worthy recognition for our vision of creating beautiful budget hotels in Britain’s leading cities.”

    Sleeperz Newcastle is only the second hotel built by the fast growing UK budget hotel operator. It has plans to open new hotels in Birmingham, London and Manchester by 2015.
    Both the Cardiff and Newcastle hotels were designed by award-winning London based architects Clash Associates, who have succeeded in making the hotels into modern, highly-visible and instantly recognisable buildings.

    Peter Clash, of Clash Associates Ltd, said: “This award is extremely pleasing. Sleeperz Newcastle is an innovative building made with quality materials and constructed on a difficult city centre site in the central conservation area.”

    Newcastle based Metnor Construction Ltd was hired to build the hotel with around 90 local jobs created during the construction.

    The RIBA Hadrian Awards are the regional awards for the North East from which the winners are put forward for the national RIBA Awards. The winners of those awards are considered for the RIBA Stirling Prize.

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