10 reasons to wake up in a city centre hotel over the Holidays

Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff

There’s no doubt about it, the festive holidays is party time, when most of us get together with family and friends, eat, drink and make merry.

It’s great fun but preparing a Christmas dinner, zipping from festive bash to family shindig, and eating lots of naughty treats can be exhausting and leave your batteries in need of a recharge.

Fitting in a budget city centre hotel break over the festive period can be just the tonic for holiday hangovers and bulging waist lines.

Here are Sleeperz Hotels 10-reasons to wake up in a city centre hotel over the holidays.

  1. You can go to bed at 9pm and turn off your mobile phone and catch up on all the sleep you lost this year
  2. You can lie in for as long as you want
  3. You can be first to the post-Christmas sales if you stay in the centre of Newcastle or Cardiff
  4. There’s no washing up – at all
  5. A great big cooked breakfast with sausages, bacon and eggs is one of the best cures for a hangover
  6. You don’t have to miss out on a festive tipple, city centre breaks mean you can walk everywhere
  7. You can hole up in your room and catch up with TV programs you’ve missed.
  8. You only have to watch re-runs of James Bond and Wallace and Grommit if you really want to
  9. There’s no getting caught by your next door neighbour and dragged in for a sherry and a mince pie
  10. You can switch off and have quiet time without having to play Trivial Pursuit, Charades or Give us a clue

If staying in hotel and recharging your batteries over the holidays sounds like a good idea, Sleeperz Hotels offer great value festive city breaks in Newcastle and Cardiff just minutes from both Central stations, with room, breakfast and free wi-fi starting from £45 per night.

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