10 things you must know about NewcastleGateshead

  1. Newcastle is named after a Norman Motte and Bailey castle, and later a fortified stone keep, built on the river Tyne in 1080 by the son of William the Conqueror
  2. The first lightbulb was tested in Newcastle in 1879 by Joseph Swan
  3. Newcastle United Football Club was founded in 1892 and they have been wearing black and white stripes since 1894
  4. Famous Geordies include: Ant & Dec, Sting, Cheryl Cole, Alan Shearer, Gazza, Jimmy Nail, George Stephenson and William Armstrong
  5. Stottie or Stottie Cake – is a thick round bread loaf famous in North East England and usually filled with Ham and Pease Pudding, available in Gregg’s stores.
  6. Broon – is slang for Newcastle Brown Ale, sometimes called ‘Lunatic’s Broth’
  7. George Stephenson’s famous ‘Rocket’ steam locomotive engine was built in Newcastle
  8. Always refer to the stadium as St James’ Park when speaking to locals
  9. The Tyne Bridge was designed to look like the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  10. The Great North Run, from Newcastle to South Shields, is the largest half marathon in the world
  11. The Angel of the North in Gateshead stands 65 feet high and has a wingspan of 175 feet and is a designated ‘Icon of England’
  12. The Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead just hosted the Turner Prize, but what did it used to be until 2002? Answer: A flour Mill

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