The Geordie Glossary


During your time in Newcastle you will encounter the world famous Geordie, and so here’s a quick guide to this fierce and proud local language.

  • Haw tha deeing – how are you doing today?
  • Whayaye – Why Yes, I agree
  • Wot gan’s on huw – what’s going on?
  • Weor’s the netty – where is the toilet please?
  • Gizabroon marra – one bottle of Brown Ale please?
  • Am gannin owt the neet like – I’m going out tonight
  • Givower man – Don’t be stupid, what are you talking about
  • Doonthehatch – cheers, good health
  • Smashinbaitthat – that meal was delicious
  • Am gannin hyem – I’m going home
  • Gan canny doon the Toon – go well when you are in Newcastle.

Recommended Reading: Larn yersel’ Geordie by Scott Dobson

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