by Javeed Anwar

The night Charlotte Church beamed a live brain onto a Sleeperz hotel

Charlotte Church beams a live brain onto Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff

Welsh singer Charlotte Church is no wallflower.

She’s done some incredible things in her 30 something years on the planet.

We’re thinking: exploding to fame as a child opera singer, morphing into a ‘Crazy Chick’ pop siren, marrying a Welsh rugby pin-up, outsmarting politicians on Twitter and raising children Ruby and Dexter.

So, with a life story like that, you’d think it couldn’t get any more surreal and interesting?

Except, it can, and did.

One cold November night last year, Charlotte and a TV crew turned up at our Cardiff hotel and beamed a world first image of a live brain onto the side of the building.

The giant bristly pink shape looked more like something David Attenborough would find in a coral reef than a human thought box.

Charlotte Church beams a brain onto Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff
What is that? It’s a world-first image of a real live brain, and , yes that’s Charlotte Church too…

For several hours, the brain flickered and shimmered across our bedroom windows, causing gasps and inciting wonder among the passers-by traipsing to the rail station or heading into Cardiff.

It was all part of a BBC TV documentary on mental health presented by Charlotte and exploring depression, mental illness and research into new cures.

Charlotte Church: Inside my Brain

Charlotte Church: Inside my Brain, aired on January 25th, 2018, on BBC One in Wales and followed her as she chatted to a host of amazing people, from neuro-scientists to military veterans afflicted by virtually incurable PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Sleeperz Cardiff Brain Image courtesy BBC Wales

The programme also included a revealing and heartfelt exchange with Charlotte’s mum Maria, who has bi-polar disorder and has suffered with mental health issues for over 30 years.

During filming, Charlotte popped in for a cup of tea in the hotel and filmed some scenes in our dining room. She was an absolute pleasure to serve and be around and her programme is a thought-provoking and worthwhile look at issues that affect so many people in today’s world.

Charlotte Church at Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff

Charlotte Church filming at Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff

Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff, our award-winning design-led hotel, appears eight minutes into the programme with a stunning image of the world-first brain scan – referred to as a ‘road map’ – that shows the complex wiring and pathways of a living brain.

The image was taken by Dr Chantal Tax from Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre, using one of only three rare MRI scanners in the world.

Sleeperz Hotel transformed into a giant brain

Laura Peeroo, general manager at Sleeperz Cardiff, said: “We were thrilled to be asked to take part in ‘Charlotte Church: Inside my Brain.’

We are located in one of the busiest footfall areas in Cardiff, on route to the rail station, and the living brain image really turned heads and got people talking; which is exactly what this important programme hopes to achieve.”

Javeed Anwar, Head of Sales and Marketing for Sleeperz Hotels, said: “It’s normal to receive unusual requests in the hospitality industry, but, in over three decades working in hotels this is easily the most unusual thing I’ve ever been asked to do.

We loved it and our guests were both intrigued and understanding about the bright lights, cameras and sight of Charlotte Church enjoying a cup of tea in the lounge bar.”

Sleeperz Cardiff opened in 2008, opposite the then Millennium Stadium and under two minutes’ walk from Cardiff Rail Station.

Its modern, minimalist look earned it a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) award for architectural excellence in 2010.

In 2017, Sleeperz gained planning consent to build an additional 21 rooms.

Charlotte Church: Inside my Brain is available to watch on BBC I Player in the UK, click here to watch.

You can see Sleeperz Cardiff eight minutes and 51 seconds into the show. Better still, you can stay with us in Cardiff whenever you fancy, just log onto and book direct for the best rates.

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